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Photos on internet

What can you do with your photos on the internet ?

  • to store them in a photo album
  • place them on a social network site like Facebook
  • backup them in the cloud
  • share your photos with others
  • edit your photos
  • to make prints of your photo's (not for free)

Free albums:

To mak photo albums on the internet, to share photo's and to edit them.

  • Photos Google: unlimited free space, automatic backups from your computer or phone.
  • ripntale For travellers, unlimited free space, map and geographic tags. Useful for travel diaries.

Social network sites

  • Facebook: Upload your photo's, create albums share the photos with your friends.
  • Twitter Showing and sharing your photo's.


Storage in the cloud

  • Dropbox With a special app or program you may store your photos automatically on Dropbox as soon as you made them.
  • Google Drive Cloud service of Google, to share and edit documents and photo's.
  • OneDrive Cloud service linked on your Microsoft account.

To print photos

These stores give you the possibility to upload your own photos to create a calendar, photo album, mugs and T-shirts (Not for free).