World Wide Website


On 04-04-2004 some residents of an Asylum Seeker Centre and I decided to develop a website. The reason was the migration of a large group persons of our centre.
We wished to keep contact with each other and with new persons, as well in the Netherlands as outside the country.
It would be a positive site with useful and interesting information.
Everyone would be welcome regardless the country of origin, colour, sex or religion.

During the internet course at the asylum seekers centre these pages were used as a start to search information about all kinds of subjects: actual news, information about refugee councils.
The pages were also applied to learn how to work with the internet.

The pages are useful for less experienced Internet visitors. who are looking for information about their own Blog, placing photos or sending E-cards.
There is also information about public transport, phonebooks and  on-line shopping.

first 040404 website





'For everyone with
family, friends and acquaintances
separated and spread around the Netherlands or somewhere else in the world.
For all the people who hope for a life in safety.'