About me


In this part you may find personal information about my hobbies, favourite sites and social networks. If you're interested in my professional background, you may look at my professional part.

Since my husband and I are pensioners, we have more time for our hobbies, travelling, sports and to do volunteering work.
I describe some of the  voyages and trips in my weblogs.

We attend all kinds of lectures and congresses about education (BON, aob, UvA), space travel (NVR), informatics (First Life) and maritime subjects (KNV Onze Vloot).

Other hobbies are cooking, gardening, needle work and I love reading; novels as well as poetry.

My cooking and gardening pages (Dutch) show my interest for these subjects.
I have constructed a database with plants and one with recipes, with SQL, PHP en HTML.
Composing this sites and illustrating it with my own pictures may you call a hobby too.

I have worked as a voluntary teacher needle work on a primary school for some years. You may find some of the products on the part needlework.

Turkey October 2005

Madeira January 2019

We may call our pensioners period rightfully a post active period of our life. These schoolteachers mean

A day without learning is a day wasted