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How does Internet work?

Internet is a world wide network of millions of connected computers, which may communicate with each other.
If you want access to this network, you have to choose a provider who provides you access to his computer and via this computer to the internet  This provider may give you free access or let you pay for it. Paying customers have many advantages. They receive of more storage to build a website, to save email and they often receive different email addresses.
Well known providers in the Netherlands are  Tele2Telfort, KPN en  XS4all  

Computers suitable for the Internet are:

  • PC, personal computer:
    A PC is a computer on a fixed place in your home of office. It has a metal case with the computing components, a display monitor and a keyboard. The name personal refers to the use of the computer by one person instead of the multiple users of large computer systems.
  • Laptop or notebook:
    A small personal computer designed for portability. It has a screen, keyboard and a mouse pad
  • Tablet of tablet-computer:
    A small portable computer with a touch screen.
  • Smartphone:
    Multifunctional portable telephone, with a touch screen.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing is using other computers than your own, for data storage and program applications. The sharing services are free or you have to pay for it.  For a user, it is not quite clear on which computers your data or programs are stored and it looks as if they are obscured by a cloud.

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