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Creating a website

Website and homepage

A website is a set of pages with information on the internet. We distinguish personal and business websites. The business website may have marketing aims or may be meant to earn money with it like a webshop for example.
A personal webpage may have different purposes like to inform about yourselves, your hobbies, your favorite subjects, music  etc.
A personal website is also called a homepage. In fact is an homepage the start page of a collection pages of your website.

How do you get your own website?

  • From your provider. Your provider offers you space for your own website. For example: Tele2KPN and XS4all.
  • From a hosting service company. It takes care of your domain registration, offers space on the server and delivers access to internet. The domain name is the name of the website and the address on internet. The domain name of this site for example is miekedewaal.nl.
    Hosting services in the Netherlands: hosting.startpagina.nl en Webhosting reviews (nl)
  • Free. It also possible to obtain free space on the internet to build your own site. Most of the time you have to accept advertises on the site.
    Free websites: EveryOneWeb clear instruction and examples
    See also Google free websites. Be careful, sometimes it not complete free.
  • You may use a weblogsite tot publish a website. See for more information: weblogs.


How do you make a website?

A website is written in a special computer language: HTML, that means Hyper Text Markup Language.
Choose in Internet Explorer:  "Menu Bar", click on "View"' and than on "Source". You will see the code in which the site is written. In Firefox: "Menu Bar", Tools, "Web Developer'', "View Source" and in Google Chrome "Customise and Control Google Chrome", "Tools", "View Source".
You may write the text with a simple text editor as Notepad++CoffeeCup and see about.com html editors
There are also editors in which you don't have to use HTML, but where you can use a common language. For instance  SharePoint Designer and Kompozer. These editors are called WYSWYG-editors (What You See Is What You Get) about.com freewyswig.
On the for free websites on internet you may usually use of common language and HTML.