Courses taught: explanation

My website contains information for the students of some of my courses. I had different aims:

  • Sometimes there was no Virtual Learning Environment available. To make it possible to communicate with my students during and after the lessons, I created a virtual environment on my website. (Asylum Centre Crailo).
  • At the start of the new study year took it a very long time before some students and I had access to the Virtual learning Environment  of the Institute. I decided to use the space of my own homepage to communicate with them (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).
  • I worked voluntary as a teacher needle work on a primary school and I had no authorisation to join the computer network of the school (primary school Julianaschool).
  • Most of the time I was not present at the location of the students, except during the lessons. That's why the Internet was a good alternative to make it possible to provide information.
  • Even after I was not working anymore at the asylum centre and the Amsterdam University, the information remained accessible for my students and we were not dependent on accounts of the computer systems of the institutes. However I have removed al the dated links.
  • At last but not at least it offered me a chance to experiment with communication in electronic learning environments.